Online University Case Study

In early 2012 a top online university approached Matomy SEO with an ambitious goal. The client wanted to achieve top search result positions for a range of high-value keywords. The client wanted to decrease its cost of acquisition, increase market share and aggressively grow search traffic to its website.

Custom Solution

Matomy SEO worked with the client to identify the right keywords to increase search traffic, raise brand awareness and capture market share in the highly com- petitive online education vertical. The Matomy SEO team developed an SEO strategy focused on content, Matomy SEO developed an SEO strategy focused on content, consisting of:

Content Marketing: Matomy SEO wrote and secured publication of content in a range of relevant and prominent blogs, and informational sites.
Infographics: Matomy SEO created and promoted Infographics, using its powerful publisher relationships to gain initial traction and increase social signals.
Webmaster Outreach: Matomy SEO reached out to popular high-authority websites and built powerful, permanent links.

The Results

Matomy SEO's comprehensive strategy led to 12 keywords in top-3 search positions, including five first-place search positions for a group of some of the most competitive terms in online education.

The table below displays the power of the Matomy SEO strategy. At an average CPC of $47.26, the client would need to spend millions of dollars annually to maintain these positions in Google AdWords. Matomy SEO's strategy helped the client achieve prominent search rankings against these competitive terms at a fraction of the cost of traditional online advertising.

Matomy SEO's strategy also helped the client achieve additional page-one positions for related keywords - without needing to target them directly.

The university is now considered one of the most prominent brands in the industry, and has significantly grown its revenue and profitability as a result of Matomy SEO's campaign.

-Measured from December 2011 to March 2013-
*A measure of a keyword's competitive value, with higher number representing keywords that are more difficult to rank for.

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