Frequently Asked Questions

Advertiser FAQs

Depending on the advertising product you ordered, most links will go live within 48 hours. However, links within content-based products, such as Content Marketing and Infographics, require additional time to service. Your account representative will inform you of the exact timing of your campaign.

New ads require our publisher to review and accept the ad. The 30-day billing period will not begin until your ad is actually live.

Publisher FAQs

Yes, Matomy SEO can be run along any contextually served product. We do require that Matomy SEO be the sole provider of static HTML advertisements, as this will protect the value of the advertisements as well as give you the highest payout.
Payments are distributed by the 15th of every month.
By selecting a Matomy SEO voucher, all of your publisher earnings will be deposited as a credit into a Matomy SEO advertiser account. Publisher earnings turned into a voucher will also receive a 15% bonus. For example, if you earn $100, and elect to have those earnings turned into a Matomy SEO voucher, you will have $115 credited into your account.
The minimum payment to be distributed via check is $25. The minimum payment to be sent out via Matomy SEO Prepaid MasterCard® is $25. There is no minimum for PayPal payments or Matomy SEO voucher payments.
We use our own pricing algorithm that factors in: the traffic of your website, theme of your website, and link popularity of your website.
We feature a 50/50 net revenue split for all ads sold. We handle serving, scheduling, billing, customer service, and sales.
You can email our tech support at: techsupport (at)
It can take 24 hours to be approved. Once approved, you will need to add the code on the exact page that was approved. Once your site is approved and you have placed the correct code on your pages, it takes an additional 1-3 days to get packaged on and placed on the site, depending on the number of submissions.
Maybe. If your website uses the Apache web server (as most Linux/UNIX hosting packages do), you can instruct the web server to treat .html (or .htm) files as PHP. To accomplish this, create a file named ".htaccess" in your root directory and add the following to it (or append it to the bottom of the file, if it already exists):

AddType application/x-httpd-php .html
(Note: if you use ".htm" files, replace the ".html" above with ".htm")

After completing this step, our PHP code should function on your site.

Here are the steps required to tell IIS to interpret a .htm file as a .asp file:

1) Open IIS
2) Open the Website you would like to change
3) Select Properties
4) On the Virtual Directory Tab, make sure you have an Application with Execute Permissions: "Script Only" or "Scripts and Executables"
5) Click on the Configuration Button

6) Copy the Path from the .asp Application Mapping
7) Click Add

8) Enter the Executable Path (paste from step 6) and Extension (.htm) and Click OK.
9) You might have to restart the website.

Repeat for .html extentions.

Your .htm pages will now be dynamic and able to interpret ASP Commands. You can validate that it is working by adding a simple script to the Body of your .htm page:

<% Response.Write ("Hello ASP World") %>

If you open the page in a browser and it displays
<% Response.Write ("Hello ASP World") %>
in the page it didn't parse the page correctly. If it only displays "Hello ASP World" it parsed the page correctly.

If you are on a shared hosting server you will have to get your hosting company to do this for you. If they can't or won't you may have to get a Dedicated or Virtual Dedicated server.
If you are placing your PHP code in various directories, the script may have problems locating the local XML file that you created. If this happens, open up your PHP script and make the following change:

$LOCAL_XML_FILENAME = 'local_#####.xml';
Find the above line, and change it to the following:

Make sure that "#####" matches what is currently in your script, and that the local XML file is located in the root directory of your website. This should resolve the issue.
You should contact Matomy SEO for all issues relating to how Payoneer tracks your earnings. Once any funds are loaded onto your card, any questions you may have about your card account and/or card usage should be directed to Payoneer.
It is time to get paid faster and easier for less.
Have your future payments loaded to your Payoneer reloadable MasterCard®, and save fees.

Special Savings if you apply now: FREE CARD ACTIVATION for all new users who sign up for Payoneer card by 2/29/2012. Get your affiliate commissions directly to the your card. Then spend or withdraw your funds in your local currency at ATMs and merchants worldwide.

1) It's fast, secure and offers you the most flexibility with your money.
2) Receive your funds within hours not days.
3) No bank account is needed.
4) Use anywhere debit MasterCard® is accepted - at shops, online and withdraw cash from ATMs.
5) Funds are MasterCard protected even if your card is lost or stolen.* A replacement card will be mailed to you and the balance transferred.
6) Lower fees means you keep more of your payment than with other payment methods.
7) Enjoy access to your account and perform transactions online 24/7.
Yes the card is available to Matomy SEO publishers and is sent almost everywhere in the world
Card activation within US $5.00 - normally $10.00
Card activation outside US $10.00 - normally $20.00
Matomy SEO is subsidizing 50% of the cost of your card.
PayPal's Mass Payment feature allows users to send affiliate commissions, customer rebates, survey incentives and more. Currently, Mass Payment fees are 2% of each recipient's payment amount up to a maximum of US$1 per recipient, or the foreign currency equivalent of US$1.

Effective January 24, 2012, fees for payments sent outside the U.S. will be 2% of each recipient's payment amount up to a maximum of US$10 per recipient, or the foreign currency equivalent of US$10.

Fees for Mass Payments sent within the U.S. will not change. PayPal notified all users of the amended User Agreement on December 23rd. See the PayPal User Agreement for details.

Matomy SEO will cover up to US$2 of the payment fees. Any other fees will be subtracted from your earnings. If you are worried about these fees we suggest payoneer as cheaper method of payment

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