Deep Analysis of your Off-Page SEO

Matomy will perform a deep analysis of the website’s current authority signal profile, including inbound links and social signals. This profile will be compared to that of the top-performing competitors to inform us of existing gaps and how those gaps will be best filled. This analysis will also compare your authority signal profile against search engine quality guidelines to ensure there are no elements of the profile that can negatively impact performance or potentially lead to penalties by the search engines. The analysis will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Site linking statistics (site popularity, link diversity, generic link quality)
  • Search engine relevancy (thematic relevancy of links, hub and authority status of the site)
  • Search engine accessibility (standard listings, related partners, other partnership opportunities)
  • Content optimization for linking (link bait, content circulation and other tactics)
  • Social media optimization (social signals, social media profiles, brand awareness)
  • Link recovery (lost links due to pages removed or moved)

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