Mobile first perspective.

The volume of search engine queries on mobile devices is expected to surpass search volume on computers by 2015. As a result, cross-device search performance is essential to avoid losing market share. Matomy’s Mobile SEO Audit is focused on technology and content of a web property that will help it increase visibility in search engines for visitors using mobile phones and tablets. Matomy will perform a deep analysis and review the site for its capacity to handle a wide variety of devices. Priorities will be set based on importance for appearing in search engine result pages and for providing a good user experience to the audience most likely to be accessing the site. The analysis will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Site configuration (load time, file size, layout, code validation, navigation)
  • Site accessibility (mobile sitemaps, media types, user-agent strings, device accessibility)
  • Site architecture (preferred domain, pagination, session ID’s, active URLs)

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