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Matomy's SEO team prides itself in leading the trends and maintaining cutting-edge practices to maximize the visibility of our clients' web properties in organic search results. With mobile search volume projected to exceed desktop as early as 2015, we are the leaders in achieving cross-device performance.

Each SEO campaign we implement is completely customized to fit within our clients' current situation and goals. We leverage the following dynamic process to generate long-term results:


Our SEO program is backed by expert knowledge gathered around the company, the competition, and the consumer. The first step in launching a successful SEO campaign is conducting a deep landscape analysis based on historical performance data, public competitive data and industry consumer studies. We conduct an initial baseline analysis to understand the current online presence and performance which informs us of any gaps. Next, we research the customer base to understand what drives them to value a company within its particular industry. We then research the company to intimately understand all of the visible benefits so we can convey those benefits to each customer segment in a manner that is compelling to them. We analyze the top competitors to understand what is required to outperform. Finally we research the keywords searched by each customer segment and score them using a proprietary algorithm (WATSON) which curates and analyzes data around each keyword based on demand, competitiveness, relevancy, intent, and conversion value.


We perform a series of audits to ensure that the website is following best practices from technical, content and authority standpoints. We dig deep within the website architecture to ensure there are no technical issues that are hindering optimal performance in organic search. We also audit the existing content of the site to ensure it is fully optimized from a user intent and search engine algorithm perspective, giving us the ability to best leverage existing content assets. Finally, we analyze the authority signals to the site, including links and social signals, against that of the competitors to help develop our ongoing strategy of building authority. Once we have completed the series of audits, we work with your team to execute the necessary updates.


Using the learning from our research and audits, we develop a strategy to position your website as the authority within its industry. We do this by saturating the web with engaging content and promoting that content through a customized mix of native advertising and outreach to build authority. This enhanced authority translates to better positioning it in search engine results. We source our repository of subject matter expert authors to regularly generate fresh content designed to engage your target audience and satisfy their search intent.


Throughout the campaign, we are continuously analyzing performance data to help us fine-tune our strategy. We provide detailed reports on key performance indicators, which both provide full transparency to our clients and to help us understand the direction we need to navigate to achieve maximum results. Additionally, as we begin to see success around our initial efforts, we are able to re-allocate budget to new initiatives to further expand the reach of the campaign and the results.

We look forward to working in partnership with you and your team to build brand awareness and influence, while driving strong ROI.

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