The right words for the right audience

Knowing what keywords your target audience is searching and what the intent is behind those searches is a necessary step to ensure your SEO efforts are going to produce maximum return. In order to help you identify the most opportunistic keywords related to your business, Matomy will conduct a deep keyword analysis based on public search query data, existing performance data from your web analytics and/or paid search campaigns, and the competitive landscape. This research will identify the most relevant keywords to your bottom line. These keywords will be scored in order to determine which are the most likely to generate the highest return. Scoring will be based on the following data points:

  • Demand – how often the keyword is searched by targeted consumers
  • Difficulty – how likely will the client outrank competitors for the keyword upon implementation of campaign
  • Intent – what point within the buying cycle is the keyword searched and how likely is it to lead to a conversion

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