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In the wake of Google's most recent spam filters, it is more important than ever that a website's link profile remain diverse and natural. Link types that helped a site rank in the past can now hurt a site's performance in search engines and even lead to penalties or worse yet, de-indexing (the website is completely removed from search engine results)

Has your site been slapped with a manual action from Google?

If Google has flagged links pointing to your website as suspicious, they have likely taken action against you. This is often reported in Google Webmaster Tools, but not always. If you have seen a recent drop in traffic to your site or your site's keyword rankings, the site is potentially under penalty.

Are your competitors attacking you with negative SEO?

Due to Google's likelihood to penalize websites that have questionable links pointing to them, many companies have exploited this by sabotaging the performance of their competitors. If you suspect someone is maliciously pointing unsavory links to your website, we can help fight back. We'll even provide you with a free diagnosis.

Has your SEO firm built questionable links on your behalf?

It is often the case that fly-by-night SEO “consultants” employ unethical tactics to artificially inflate keyword rankings. This can place your website at high risk to be penalized by the search engines and devastate your organic search performance.

Regardless of the case, maintaining a clean and healthy link profile requires constant monitoring and attention. As both a preventative measure and a method for reversing negative actions taken by search engines on a specific website, Matomy has developed a program to safeguard websites from experiencing negative repercussions of outdated link-building tactics and to counteract Google-issued penalties. Our SEO experts review the site's link profile on a regular basis and identify any harmful links that could be hindering performance or resulting in current or future penalties. To ensure a safe link profile that will support long-term success, Matomy will reach out to those hosting harmful links and request removal.

Matomy's SEO experts will execute the entire process of achieving and maintaining a healthy link profile while lifting Google penalties on your behalf. To do so, we employ the following process:

  • Link Profile Audit
  • Link Removal Strategy
  • Link Profile Clean-Up
  • Search Engine Reconsideration
  • Link Profile Monitoring

We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy link profile that will lead to performance success in organic search while avoiding possible negative effects of future Google algorithm updates.

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