Become a Matomy SEO Publisher

Monetize your site

  • Access to Fortune 500 advertisers that value your audience
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  • Publisher relationship management with 24-hour response time
  • Highest ratio of page real estate to revenue earned versus all other advertiser programs, including Google Adsense
  • Get paid instantly each month with no fees

What you can earn

Many Matomy SEO publishers earn thousands of dollars each month. We have tens of thousands of active advertisers looking for relevant placements to drive targeted traffic to their websites. Once your site is approved, it will be added to our marketplace within 48 hours, at which time your advertising space will be ready for purchase.

Set-up once - earn forever

All it takes is one simple installation to start monetizing your site and earning a lifetime of revenue. Our advertisements are priced on a flat rate for a 30-day period, so your earnings will not be dependent on clicks or impressions.

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